Leads Exercise

Exercise 1-Summary Leads

  • WHO: Olivet Nazarene University’s Music Ambassador Program
  • WHAT: A program ONU launched where students from any major can travel and perform at churches in the Midwest through worship music
  • WHEN: Students travel both semesters on weekends
  • WHERE: Students are from ONU and travel throughout the Midwest to churches
  • WHY: To work with churches who either have a need for visiting worship leaders or want to be a part of this program
  • HOW: Students auditions and are paid based on traveling


Exercise 2-Other Leads

  • BLIND: University students travel to churches in Midwest as worship leaders
  • UMBRELLA: As Olivet’s admission numbers continue to rise, so does the growth of it’s programs like Music Ambassadors.
  • IDENTIFICATION OF IMPACT: Olivet Nazarene University’s music program continues to flourish and add more programs for students
  • ANECDOTAL: Music is a universal language. Now Olivet Nazarene University’s students are using this language to travel and impact churches around the Midwest
  • DESCRIPTIVE: Imagine being given the opportunity to travel every few weeks with your gas, housing and meals all provided for you. Now imagine that you were specifically requested by a church pastor to lead their Sunday worship service while being able to plan and coordinate the music of your choice. Finally, imagine that you get paid for all of this. This type of ministry exists at Olivet Nazarene University, and it is the Music Ambassador Program
  • QUOTATION: “The pastors and people in the churches not only fall in love with these students, they greatly appreciate the help from Olivet Nazarene University (ONU),” said Tony Fightmaster, the Director of Church and University Relations who is also the leader of ONU’s ambassador teams