Multimedia Storytelling Project Reflection

For my course, Multimedia Storytelling, we had a mini collaboration project we were required to do as a team. My group created a page for Revival Services at Olivet, which can be found here: Here is some reflection questions based on this assignment. What did you learn from this assignment? This project taught me …

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Reaction to Guest Speaker-Melody Alexander

Last week in one of my courses, Multimedia Storytelling, we had a guest speaker Skype into the class, Melody Alexander. Alexander is currently a Marketing Strategist for the University of Kansas, but in previous years was a copywriter for some small advertising agencies. After she spoke to our class, we were asked to answer the …

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Multimedia Story Package: Refugee

In a course I’m taking at my university, Multimedia Storytelling, we were assigned a Multimedia Story Package to analyze and discuss. I was given one created by the Washington Post called, Refugee: 18 Stories from the Syrian Exodus. Right away the animated cover photo catches your attention as you enter the page. It takes up …

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