London Study Abroad: St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Dunstan in the East, Tower of London, Tea Cruise!

London Study Abroad: Day 17-18 (Monday and Tuesday)

Fun fact: Well, not actually a fact but my opinion. London has AMAZING chicken. Like, everywhere. All the places I’ve ate chicken at have been the best pieces of chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life. I have no idea why!

Monday and Tuesday were full of visiting more landmarks and lots of adventure! I got to do a lot of independent travel, and I really enjoyed it. I went back to St. Paul’s Cathedral (well I had never been there, but I saw it on the bus tour last week), and it was just breathtaking to walk around it.

After the cathedral, I visited St. Dunstan in the East, a church’s garden area I read about in a few blogs. It’s considered “a secret spot” in London, and it was small and beautiful to just relax in.

I finally went to the classic Tower of London too! Although I wasn’t able to go inside, just look at how majestic it is!

One of the best parts of my Tuesday was the Tea Cruise on the River Thames we had as a university group. It was my first time having afternoon tea in London, something you just HAVE to do, and it was delicious! The three tiers of food was something I could get used to. I also found out, I love tea now!

More pictures from the Tea Cruise:

My final blog from this trip will be my next one (or at least, final blog describing the trip itself, more may come with lessons or related to London), and I just want to thank everyone who’s been reading these and encouraging me through this journey.

Tastes of London:

P.S. Check out this tiny “iceberg” machine!



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