London Study Abroad: Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard, Portobello Road Market

London Study Abroad: Day 15 (Saturday)

“BUGGER OFF!” (actual phrase I heard used today…I love London).

Saturday started off with one of the most historic events you can attend in London for free…the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. It was super crowded there, but we somehow managed to get almost all the way to the gate! There were time I could stick my arm through to get videos and pictures. Not only was it so cool to see this happen, but we were able to hear them play three different songs too! They even did a compilation of Wicked songs. The palace is magnificent.

Check out my Facebook page for videos of the changing of the guard and the music played since I can’t upload videos here.

After the palace, I went to Portobello Road Market. It was full of color, flavors, smells, and many random items from antiques to clothing to local art. I bought some great stuff there, and it was so much fun to just walk around. Look at some of the food (as always one of my favorite things hehe). I also ate a NUTELLA filled donut…changed my life.

Skipping ahead real quick to Sunday evening, for dinner after the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR at Warner Bros (entire next post dedicated to just that), we ate at a new joint in Marylebone called Chick’n. Their spicy sandwich was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. They just opened recently and sold over a ton of chicken in just two weeks while serving at least 10,000 customers, so they had to shut down for a few days to accommodate for all that business. So naturally I had to check it out, and wow were they amazing!

P.S. Saw this at Pret a Manger, and I thought it was hilarious and cute!



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