London Study Abroad: Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Phantom of the Opera, Camden Market, Regent’s Park

London Study Abroad: Day 11-12 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

I saw on Facebook Emma Watson was in Hyde Park on Sunday…and I was there Tuesday! So close, yet so far.

These two days were dedicated to hitting up quite a few places on my bucket list, and all of them matched or exceeded my expectations. First, after class on Tuesday I visited Hyde Park…and it was BEAUTIFUL. If I lived here, I would be in that park all the time. The Italian Gardens were so lovely too.

After walking all the way through Hyde Park (it’s pretty big) I went to Kensington Palace on its opposite end. It cost money to enter the palace, but I ventured around the gardens and checked out their cafe. I felt like royalty just being that close to the palace!

My evening was EPIC. We had dinner as a group at this DELICIOUS and COLORFUL hispanic restaurant…just look at how pretty the food looks! The coolest part of the night was seeing Phantom of the Opera. My group somehow got tickets in the CENTER of the THIRD ROW!!! It was phenomenal.

Wednesday after class, I headed straight for Camden Market. It was full of so many vendors I’m not even sure I saw all of them, but it was fascinating just walking around. I ended up eating some sweet potatoes fries with avocado on top (apparently they are obsessed with avocado on everything here lately) aioli, and hot sauce! My perfect dish. Check out how amazing it looked below.

After the market, I went to Regent’s Park. I was excited to check out the Queen’s Garden, which I’ve heard so much about. Although spring is when everything truly blooms, it was still gorgeous there-I love all the flowers here!

My night ended with a place I’ve been dying to try…the Naked Dough! It’s London’s first cookie dough place, and it had my mouth watering for days after. I will probably go again if I’m being honest! I got regular cookie dough and double chocolate…their flavor names are hilarious if you check it out in my pictures below.

Random Tastes of London:

P.S. In case you didn’t notice this picture earlier in this post, this guy is a freaking squirrel whisperer! Actually, there are multiple people at the park’s around here who are great with the animals. And fair warning, these creatures are FEARLESS!



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