London Study Abroad: Day 10 (The British Museum, Part One)

Fun Fact: Instead of saying you want something “to-go” here, you say “take away.” At some cafes it will be cheaper to take away too!

I started this day (Monday) after class walking around Piccadilly Circus with Dani and Bekah. It was so cool coming here for the first time-full of life and people! We also took some photos by the Phantom of the Opera sign since we were going to see it the next day. I had to get one by Les Mis too since it’s my favorite.

Here was one of the my favorite places so far…the British Museum! It was breathtaking just viewing it…and the history inside was even more insane! I encourage you to look through all the photos below to just get a GLIMPSE of  how amazing it is. It took up most of my day, but it was worth it. I wasn’t even able to finish going through all the rooms!

Here are photos just from the upper floors…wow oh wow! Some of the room themes I viewed were:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East

Side note: I had to make sure I visited the Japan rooms-loved them!

I ended the night with dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant (we’re trying to eat different foods as much as possible!) with Andreas, Kasper, and Jack. We split a six course meal, and it covered a lot of the traditional flavors.

Below are some more random pictures from around London so you can have a better feel (as always in these blogs) of this amazing city!

P.S. I thought it was so cute seeing a local car reppin’ their flag…I love the pride (and I’ve never seen side mirror covers like that before)!



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