London Study Abroad: Day 7 (Food Fest!)

Fun fact: Instead of saying “excuse me” when walking around people or accidentally bumping them, you say “sorry.” You’ll both say it and hear it a lot, especially during high traffic times.

Today I was able to sleep in a bit and have a relaxing morning after such a busy previous day. However, that evening some friends and I attended Just Eat: Food Fest at Shoreditch After Dark. This event featured some local food favorites at a venue that had a slide and small “beach” area too! I tried this delicious spicy burrito from a popular Hispanic restaurant, but the best part was my dessert. I had a Bubble Waffle cone filled with mango and strawberry gelato, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce from Creams, and I will let the picture speak for itself:


Below are some other photographs from Food Fest today, check it out! This evening we went out dancing at a venue called Cargo right down the road from my hall, and man I’ve danced more in these past two days than I have all summer! Saturday we leave for a weekend excursion to WALES! I can’t wait to share all those pictures.

P.S. Here are just some random photographs from around the Shoreditch area where the food fest was and where I live (to the west of my hall).


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