London Study Abroad: Day 5-6 (Pictures of South Shoreditch and Borough Market)

It’s officially Friday which means…I’ve been here a whole week (well, I left on Friday at least for London)!

Here’s a picture of my Australian girl Madison and I in class:


I don’t have too much to write about from these past few days, but I do have a ton of pictures to share! Wednesday was a more relaxed day (after many eventful ones) where I just went to class then explored my neighborhood a bit. Below are some pictures of the area I live (south of my apartment mostly, more to come other directions) to give a better feel of what I’m viewing to everyone:

Thursday was CRAZY! Since we only have class Monday-Thursday, we all knew we were going to have a late night out. After class I walked around Oxford Street/Regent Street a bit with my two friends from Denmark, Kasper and Andreas, before heading to Borough Market with a group. The market was huge and full of such smells and flavors! I wish I could have tried everything there. Below are some pictures that don’t do justice whatsoever, but I tried. Also, they let us sample so much food there, it rocked.

Here I was also able to try the best fish n’ chips in London as of a 2017 contest held, and they did not disappoint. I even ate my chips (fries) with vinegar on them!

I also bought a seven day unlimited travel pass because I was riding the tube and bus so much, so now I won’t be spending as much money on each trip (or worrying about all the money I’m spending)! That evening we all went to the Globe, which is a bar/restaurant next to Marylebone Hall. It’s a very popular venue, and it was full of people! We then went out dancing at a place called Ministry of Sound and didn’t get home until 3 a.m.! All in all, it was a fantastic night.

Also, while I was visiting Marylebone Hall, some of my friends let me take pictures of the views they have from their rooms of the city, check it out!

P.S. I have two pictures to showcase today! One is this freaky cool store I walked by called “Monster Supplies.” I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but the owner was standing right there (and I was a bit creeped out at first by what I saw). The second is what the mailbox drop-offs look like here-old fashioned and bright red!


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