Multimedia Storytelling Project Reflection

For my course, Multimedia Storytelling, we had a mini collaboration project we were required to do as a team. My group created a page for Revival Services at Olivet, which can be found here: Here is some reflection questions based on this assignment.
What did you learn from this assignment?

This project taught me one extremely important lesson for my Type A, typically taking the lead type of personality: it’s highly important to have a delegation of work and to be able to trust your team for a project. This is one of the first assignments ever in college I have not had to take the lead or take on most of the work, and my team did an incredible job with each of us taking on what we felt were our strengths in each area. For example, I took care of taking photographs at Revival services, Evans looks care of our WordPress theme, Raeburn will be creating our audio and video content, and Inglis made our incredible timeline.

What went well?

Thankfully, most of this project went well. One of the best parts is that we can take this site and topic and expand on it for our final project and collaboration project. Again, our work was delegated quite evenly and well.

What would you have done differently?

The only thing I would like to have done differently is on my end, have time to edit the photographs taken. I’m not being highly critical of this site since we plan to expand on it for our final project and include many more elements to really enhance it.

How will you take lessons learned and apply them to the next multimedia package?

I will take the lesson I learned of team delegation and have our team again, split up our work evenly according to skills while having a good communication system with one another to make sure we stay on task. I would like to help Raeburn with audio and video since those are my weaker points to see what I can learn from his experience as well.


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