Engaging Your Internal Audience

This past October, Olivet’s PRSSA attended the 2016 PRSSA National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. This blog will focus on key points from Brian Easter, Co-Founder of Nebo Agency, in his session “Engaging Your Internal Audience.”

1. Organizations need INTEGRITY

One of the most important questions employees are asking in job interviews these days is not how much do you pay, but what is the work environment like? One of my personal biggest fears in the future is whether I will work someone where I will be valued and appreciated…and many other millennials and generation z individuals are wondering the same thing. Integrity in a work culture cannot be faked, and when internal teams need motivation we cannot fake that either.

2. Too many companies over promise and under-deliver

One of the main issues in interviews is that companies promise multiple things, like a certain work culture, and then expectations are not met. As mentioned earlier, company environment cannot be faked as well as motivating a team. Watch out for this in interviews and do not be afraid to ask more questions regarding the company’s culture.

3. Humans are storytelling animals

We are past the day and age of simply selling a product or “traditional advertising.” We now are more responsive than ever to stories-stories related to products, people, places, you name it. Why do you think Coca-Cola showcases “happy moments” in their advertisements like a family party or friends spending time together…then with a Coke in hand? We relate to stories and experiences. Humans interpret the world in two ways: physical reality and symbolic reality. Physical reality is how we experience the world with our five senses while symbolic is how we associate those things as symbols. Our experience with a symbol, or symbolic reality, can be more important to us than the physical object itself. So regarding the Coca-Cola ads, our experiences with Coke or where Coke has been means more to us than drinking the Coke itself.

4. New Internal Engagement Pillars (according to Brian Easter)
-Purpose > Profit
-Resolve unresolved conflicts
-Putting the team first
-Philanthropy as a cornerstone
-Integrity before business objectives
(No one on their deathbed has said, “Wow I wish I would have sold more shoes.”)


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