Three Things Social Media is Negatively Affecting in Our Every Day Lives

Ever since social media was introduced to our world in 1994, over 20 years ago, we as humans have never been the same. We connect, network and get to known others through this new platform, and it is impacting not just those who had to learn how to use it, but the generations that are growing up with it in their hands.

Here are three things in our every day life social media is having a seriously negative impact on:

1) How We See Ourselves

If you’re anything like me, you’ll scroll through your newsfeeds at least a few times per day. My three major ones are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But it has become apparent through my peers and own moments looking at everyone’s “best” moments they share online that we start to compare ourselves to those. We start to believe that our lives are not good enough, or maybe we are even not good enough like the pictures we see. Many do not realize what’s going on in someone’s life past the smiling picture posted…and this can lead to a huge hit on our self-esteem. This short YouTube video shows this point even better than I can describe it. Check this out, and in two minutes you will have a whole new perspective:

2) Relationship Building

It is becoming way too common for the younger generations to interact with someone, especially for the first time, over social media or their mobile devices instead of in person. It has almost lead to a decline in their people skills when they do interact with others face-to-face. It has become almost an understanding for those in middle school and high school, maybe even college, that flirting is through “likes” and “comments on pictures” and there is almost a constant communication through texting if you are in a relationship (otherwise “he may not actuallylike you”). This is setting false standards in relationships.

3) Focus

When’s the last time you walked into a restaurant and didn’t see someone on their phone at a table instead of talking to the person they are with? What about how often we may lean back away from our homework or jobs to peruse through our newsfeeds for a few minutes? Social media is causing a lack of focus on our daily activities and those around us. There are even apps being created where you are “locked out” of your social networks to get things done…yes, this is what we’ve come to.


Now I’m not saying with this post that social media is bad and I’m deleting all my accounts, I just want everyone, including myself, to reevaluate these key areas of our lives before we lose ourselves to our newsfeeds forever.


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