Since When Did Our Differences Becomes a Bad Thing?

The word “ethics” in today’s society seems to have a different ring on it than in the past. It seems like almost every day another scandal is on the news or that we are being taught to “do whatever it takes” to get ahead. Even the concept of accepting differences in race, religion and political views is a thing of the past. Man, woman, white, black, Christian, Muslim, homosexual, straight, Republican, Democrat, young or old it is all the same, we are all the same.

Yet it seems like no matter what is said or shown in the media these days, someone is offended. It’s impossible to log onto Facebook without seeing someone fighting, someone bashing a certain view…you get the picture.

Since when did we start denying the rights of others to formulate and hold their own opinions?

In regards to the world of public relations, there is a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds involved in this industry. One way that our field chose to suit such diversity was creating a code of ethics, or in this case PRSA Member Code of Ethics.

The six key ideals or values listed are shared among the variety of professionals in PR: advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness.

It matters not whether my future co-workers are a different ethnicity, hold different beliefs, are a different age or hold different political opinions as long as we choose to follow our industry’s ethics as a team and work together for the better of our organization.


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