Does this hashtag look familiar? Well it had over 131 million interactions. On January 25, the telecommunication company Bell Canada hosted their annual social media campaign titled, “Bell Let’s Talk Day,” with a focus on raising awareness and fundraising for mental health since 2010.

Although the focus originated for discussing mental health is specifically Canada, the campaign has become so large that multiple countries are now involved in this day and participate in the initiative. For every retweet on Twitter, Instragram post, or text message sent from a Bell mobile device with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, the company pledged to contribute five cents to mental health initiatives.

This year the campaign raised over 6.5 MILLION DOLLARS in ONE DAY. Yes, read that number again. In one day. The campaigns official Twitter stated this year passed last year total, and according to CTV News, who Bell owns, the company has “donated more than $79 million toward mental health programs [since 2010].” (For a link to that article, click here.)

According to an article in The Star, a news organization in Canada, the company also supports over 700 organizations since 2011, nearly $2 million in grants have gone to youth programming and children, $1 million to military family support, and $469,000 to Aboriginal communities (for the definition of this term see below). This year $5,000-$25,000 will go to groups who apply for funding as well.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 4.48.59 PM.png

Tons of celebrities were also involved, especially on Twitter, including household names like Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, Howie Mandel, and Alice Cooper.

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This year’s face of Bell Let’s Talk Day was Olympian Clara Hughes, a speed skating champion out of Canada who also answered questions all day on Twitter about the campaign and her battles with depression. Justin Trudeau, the 23rd prime minister of Canada, is a large supporter of this campaign and was involved on Twitter as well during the day (did I mention every tweet is also in French too? #PRLove).

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If you want to talk about, admire, or study a campaign, especially a campaign that is only ONE DAY long and THIS successful, Bell Let’s Talk Day is the one.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 4.58.05 PM.png

For a link to their Twitter account, click here.


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