New Blog!

Hello friends!

I have created a NEW BLOG (cue cheers) that has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. Originally in 2015 I made a blog titled, The Journey Starts With You, that had a great intent behind it. However, I decided I wanted something a bit more professional as I am blogging more and more about what is going on in our industry of public relations, and I saw a need for a blog/resource for others to go to when needing to understand or gain the perspective of Generation Z.

This rising generation of people born around 1995-1996 is starting to infiltrate the work force, and although we have been clumped with Generation Y for awhile, it is time to show how we do have our differences and create a resource for others to use, like this blog.

Whether you are a fellow generation z baby who enjoys a peer’s perspective or older and wondering how we think/gain the perspective of a younger audience, this blog is for you.

Stayed tuned for me to re-share some of the blogs from my past site while also writing new content along the way.

Below is a little more about me and why I chose Public Relations:

When the head of my university’s Communications Department asked me if I was interested in helping lead the new public relations major and club at our school towards the end of my freshmen year, I was quick to say yes to such an exciting opportunity. However, if you would have asked me then what public relations is, I probably would have laughed as I wondered the same thing.

It is now second semester my junior year, and without hesitation I can say that PR is more than just a fun sounding major, it is a life-changer. From the opportunities and experience being involved in our university’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) to being one of the founders of our student-run firm, Inspired Strategies Agency, saying “yes” to my professor was the best decision I have ever made.

Public relations is a career field that can include so many different personalities and skills while expanding into so many other interests from medical to sports to non-profit to government. If asked to define PR, I would simply state that pubic relations is promoting your passion.

You have the opportunity to find your niche and advocate for the company, organization, or cause that you are passionate about. PR is a field where you can utilize skills you may naturally have and skills you learn like communicating with others, relationship building, creativity, strategic planning, writing, social media and the list continues. YOU get to build the brand and bridge the gap between who you work for and the public.

I hope this post has brought some clarity to why I have chosen this career path and what it truly means to me. Whoever is reading this, whether you are interested in public relations or not, I challenge you now to analyze your career field and ask yourself: what does this truly mean to me and why do I do it?


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